Curriculum /Assessments:  


Activities and projects will be based on weekly themes and age appropriate curriculum, is incorporated into the daily schedule.  All weekly lesson plans and monthly calendar are posted inside the classroom. The earliest introduction of the learning adventure is the use of black, white and primary colors, basic sign language, tummy time, story book, puppet play, music, and building a relationship of trust, support, comfort and security with loving hands will be the primary tools of development.


The younger children’s daily routine will help guide and gain independence by introduction and training of proper potty training ethods. Children will learn good manners, healthy habits, positive self-esteem, social skills, and following simple directions while exploring the world. Academic references to curriculum can be referred to Mailbox and Letter People phonic system.


The early Preschool and Pre-K Program implements and provides new challenges and encouragement with the (HWT) Hand Writing without Tears Program into the daily schedule. Age appropriate academic curriculum skills include areas of: Language Arts, Science, Math, Music, Reading Readiness, Social Studies, Art, and Dramatic Play. Understanding, respecting the balance between active play, relaxation, group activity and individual time is also a key component.


Individual assessments will be given three times within the academic year by the teacher.




A well balanced meal is available each day including- morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Weekly menus are posted in each classroom and near the kitchen. Please do not send any additional food from home. Written documentation for food substitution must be on file to specify food allergies or other special dietary needs.  


*This facility is a Peanut free facility!!


Outdoor Play:  


With weather permitting children are provided with ample time and space for outdoor play every day.  Children are not allowed to play outside when the weather is too cold or air quality index is too high.  Permission is required to apply any sunscreen and or bug repellent.





Immunization Policy:  


Each child is required to have a current up-to-date immunization certificate on file in the office within 30 days of enrollment. Updated certificates should be provided to the center as children receive future immunizations.  Possible dismissal may result if not kept updated.


Biting Policy:  


Biting is an age appropriate developmental stage, a concern that is not uncommon among toddlers and two year olds. At Busy Bee Academy, we recognize that biting is as normal and natural as toileting and tantrums, yet we accept that it’s our responsibility to provide and maintain a safe environment for all children. This policy has been developed to enhance children’s safety by summarizing the steps that will be taken in biting situations:


When biting does occur:


(For the child that was bitten)


  1. First aid will be given to the bite. If the skin is broken, the bite will be examined by the teacher and covered with a bandage.
  2. Parents will be notified immediately if the skin is broken otherwise they will be notified at pickup time.
  3. An incident report form will be filled out documenting the incident.

(For the child that bit)


  1. The child's behavior will be observed and occurrences will be documented. Staff will shadow the biter to try to prevent the behavior from occurring and look for patterns in this behavior.

When biting becomes excessive: 


If a child inflicts 2 bites in a week period (5 weekdays) in which the skin of another child is broken or bruised or the bite leaves a significant mark, a conference will be held with the parents to discuss the child’s behavior and how the behavior may be modified. Keeping consistency at both home and school will allow us to work together to reduce the amount of biting.


If the child again inflicts 2 bites in a one week period (5 weekdays) the child will be asked to remain at home for 2 contracted school days.


If the child again inflicts 2 bites in a one week period (5 weekdays) the parents will be asked to make other childcare arrangements for their child.


If a child goes through all of the steps above and goes more than 3 weeks without biting we will go back to step one if the child bites again.‚Äč


Fire, tornado, earthquake Procedures:


Monthly fire drills will be practiced to familiarize the children and staff of proper exit procedures. We will practice tornado and earthquake drills quarterly.  The center has established safe places within the building for all children to go in the event of an emergency.


Rest Time:


Each day after lunch the entire center has a quiet time/nap time between 12:00p.m-2:00p.m.  


Children are not required to sleep but rest! The length of rest period will vary depending on the age group. Please notify the teacher in advance if you need to pick up your child during rest time.




We use positive reinforcement; re-direction of attention Self-control; time out “Thinking Spot” and helping children solve their own problems. A “Thinking Spot Chair” will be used as a last resort. This tactic is used to reflect the appropriate behavior desired by staff. The child is isolated from the group for one minute per year of the child’s age. Physical punishment or harsh verbal discipline is not allowed by staff at any time. 


Neglect/ Child Abuse:


We are state mandated to report to the proper authorities of suspected abuse or neglect of the children in our care. The following procedures will be followed:


  1. Contact the Department of Human Resources hot line
  2. State licensing and Regulations contacted and follow- up with written report

Please notify your child’s teacher or director at the time of drop off, if your child has injured him or herself prior to attending the center.





Please communicate with your child’s teacher on a regular basis. Good communication is essential to maximize all areas of growth in your child’s development. Please request a conference to discuss any items or concerns with the director.


Daily reports will be sent home to inform parents of their child’s activities and behavior.


The office will send out a Monthly Newsletter and calendars to keep parents informed of information on school wide activities, reminders and/ or updates about your child’s daily activities. 


If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to discuss the matter with us.





Our center is licensed by the Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services/ office of Inspector General/ Division of Licensed Child Care, meeting all requirements and regulations. Copies of these regulations are kept on file in the office. 





All records are kept confidential and accessible only to the director.