Busy Bee Academy’s purpose is to offer high quality and adequate educational child care program.  Our program offers daily activities designed to aid the overall development of individual needs; Physical, Social-Emotional, Cognitive, and Intellectual.  Areas of age appropriate curriculum and learning concept skills includes: Language Arts, Health and Safety, Mathematics, Music, Science, Phonics and Reading readiness, Cooking, Dramatic Play and Social Studies. 

Nurturing interactions between your child and our staff will be encouraged and applied in our program.  Parental involvement is also a very important attribute our program encourages. Busy Bee Academy will implement family values by including parents in everyday activities and seasonal events.

Career presentations will be performed and classroom volunteering will be employed by the parents to enable the children to function in a positive and constructive manner.

Our Mission

Goals & Objectives

 Busy Bee Academy’s goal is to create a stimulating, safe, clean, educational environment with a wide range of hands-on learning experiences for each child. Curriculum and materials will be incorporated daily promoting creative expression, self recognition and awareness, prewriting skills, listening and speaking skills. Our approach will encourage self-esteem, confidence and respect for themselves as well as their peers. Our service is adaptable for various levels of development and individual needs.

​ Busy Bee Academy will include educational, social, health/nutrition, and parent involvement components. Our goal is to have each child prepared for the next level of education by the time he/she graduates. Our strategy is to make learning interesting, challenging and playful.